Launched in 2004, Skerry Lowndes is a consultancy whose aim is to help companies and organizations facing significant change to quickly target and achieve results in any process or project that involves both business and IT. Common examples include the need to integrate IT following an acquisition, ERP roll-out programs, industry pressure to transition to a new technology, global data center relocations, project and program troubleshooting, the need to improve the performance of insourced or outsourced business functions, etc.

The name Skerry Lowndes has its origin in the imagery of depth and context: A skerry—from the Old Norse sker—is a small rocky island too small for habitation and Lowndes is a name of ancient Norman origin related to the Old English word lundr, meaning grove or woodlet. As is the case for a skerry, the full significance of the issue you are about to tackle is often largely submerged and only a small part directly visible. The grove suggests the importance of keeping in mind context when setting to work on any individual branch of an issue.

Skerry Lowndes' management team, interim & project managers and consultants have extensive experience in delivering tangible improvements to large, international corporate customers. We have a global outlook and a client base that represents a wide range of industries and government. We work together with partners whose services & skills complement our own, which enables us to offer a broad range of solutions.

Skerry Lowndes is incorporated in London, UK and Antwerp, Belgium. Our area of operation is the world.

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Management Team

Mats Andersson  (Executive Director)

Prior to founding Skerry Lowndes Mats was Director of Delivery at Empower Interactive, where he was also one of the original founders. Before that, Mats was Service Offering Manager at CTG Inc, where he played a key role in setting up an e-business division. Mats has over 15 years of experience in interim & project management, management consulting, technology and professional services delivery; speaks six languages fluently, has lived in Stockholm, London, Antwerp and Rome and worked throughout Europe, the United States and Asia-Pacific. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Antwerp with an M Sc in Applied Economics and Engineering.

Jed Davies  (Director of Delivery)

Jed joined Skerry Lowndes in 2010, bringing with him extensive experience in managing and delivering technically and organizationally complex projects for such Global-500 companies as AstraZeneca, HBOS, Capital One and Johnson & Johnson. Jed's track record in successful project delivery is attributable to his strong emphasis on clear objectives and inspiring individual team members to becoming an integral part of the problem-solving process, achieving results beyond expectation. Having worked with onshore and offshore project partners in Europe, Singapore, India, the US and Argentina, he has accumulated a deep understanding of the importance of dealing effectively with cultural differences. Jed holds a B Sc (Hons) degree in Geography and GIS from Salford University.